Avengaea is a small planet connected to a larger nexus of worlds, with its own particular set of wonders, problems, creatures and societies. It is an excerisze in worldbuilding and creature creation, and a setting for a number of stories from a handful of people. It has at once no particular function, and many functions.

If you're interested in taking part in Avengaea's rich variety of activties, feel free to browse the links listed above. If you're interested in cyberpets or interactive storywriting, check out the Places menu for Nidus Avengaea and the Sanctuary Bonding Project. If roleplay is more your style, follow the Roleplay link.

If you want to simply browse and learn more, the Information link will take you all across Avengaea, and the Gallery link will show you a whole range of images by several artists. If you have questions or comments, or even things you'd like to see up on the website in the future, please feel free to contact the webmistress.